Events in Trilj and the surrounding area for 2017


  • 27.1. – Night of Museums 2017.
    Organizer: Museum of Trilj


  • Traditional carnival
    Organizer: Local boards
  • 11.2. - Vine degustation in Čaporice 2017.
    Organizer: Local Board of Čaporice



  • 8. – 9.4. - 8th theater community review of amateurs of Splitsko-dalmatinska county
    Organizer: Theatre Association „Most“, Trilj
  • Green Clean
    Organizer: Elementary school of Trilj


  • 18.5. - International day of Museums
    Organizer: Museum of Trilj
  • 28.5. – Spin kup „Cetina 2017“
    Organizer: ŠRD Cetina Sinj


  • 13.6. - Celebration of St. Ante in Ugljane
    Organizer: Local Board of Ugljane
  • 15.6. – Čačvina Megdan Festival
    Organizer: Local Board of Čačvina, District of Vrpolje-Čačvina, Cultural Association „Trilj“
  • 18. – 25.6. – Days of Košute
    Organizer: Association „Košuta“, Košute
  • 24.6. – Days of Grab
    Organizer: Local Board of Grab, District of Grab
  • „Tenting“ under mountain Kamešnica
    Organizer: Mountaineering Association „Jelinak“, Trilj


  • 8.7. – 15. Moto party
    Organizer: Moto club „Noćni jahači“(Night Riders)
  • 14.7. – Thrill Blues Festival
    Organizer: Tourist Board of Trilj and City of Trilj
  • 15.7. – Festival of tradition – Night of Trilj
    Organizer: Tourist Board of Trilj
  • 15.7. – 8. Race on the river Cetina
    Organizer: Tourist Board of Trilj
  • 16.7. – Our Lady of Carmel celebration
  • 22.7. – Vesta Festa
    Organizer: Cultural Association „Vučija“ Vrpolje, Cultural Association „Trilj“
  • 29.7. - 14. "Dani komina, pure i bronzina" (Days of fireplace, polent and pots)
    Organizer: Associoation „Pokrenimo Tijaricu“ (Let's go Tijarica!), Tijarica


  • Ancient games in Trilj
    Organizer: Association for Sport „Gaz“, Jabuka
  • Night mountaineering (tears of Saint Lawrence)
    Organizer: Mountaineering Association „Jelinak“ Trilj
  • Fourth futsal tournament „Sv.Michael“
    Organizer: UNH Torcida Trilj
  • Workshops for children
    Organizert: Museum of Trilj


  • 1.9.– 30.9. – Saint Michael's days
  • 18th Traditional upgrade to Kamešnica
    Organizer: Mountaineering Association „Jelinak“ Trilj
  • Exhibition
    Organizer: Museum of Trilj
  • Show
    Organizer: Theater Association „Most“, Trilj
  • Exhibition
    Organizer: Art Association „Tilurium“, Trilj
  • 8th Childern's Festival „Mali Trilj“
    Organizer: Women Association „Triljanke“ Trilj, ZŽ „Katarina Zrinski“ Trilj
  • 15th Preformance of majorettes and 15th Anniversary of majorettes activity
    Organizer: Majorettes of Trilj
  • Election of the best decorated infield in Trilj
    Organizer: Tourist Board of Trilj
  • Sport tournaments
    Organizer: Sport's Associations
  • 28.9. – Traditional trade fare of animals and manufacture goods
  • 29.9. – Celebration of Saint Michael's Day


  • 1.10. - 4th Traditional cycling race in Trilj
    Organizer: Town of Trilj and Tourist board of Trilj
  • 4.10. - Traditional feast of Our Lady of Rosary in Velić
    Organizer: Local Board of Velić
  • 4.10. - Traditional feast of Our Lady of Rosary in Budimiri
    Organizer: Local Board of Budimiri


  • „Lights for Vukovar and Škabrnja“
    Organizator: Women Associoation „Triljanke“ Trilj, ZŽ „Katarina Zrinski“ Trilj, the Town of Trilj


  • Christmas Market
    Organizer: Tourist Board of Trilj
  • Exhibition
    Organizer: Museum of Trilj
  • Christmas concert in Trilj
    Organizer: Association of Brass Band „St.Michael“ Trilj
  • 23.12. - Concert „Došli smo vas pohoditi“ („We came to visit you“)
    Organizer: St. Michael Arch. Church quire, Trilj
  • 24.12. – Live Nativity Scene in Trilj
    Organizer: Women Association „Triljanke“ Trilj, Theater Associoation „“Most“ Trilj

*Note: Program is changeable and it will be updated on web pages of Tourist Board of Trilj


  • 23.04.2018.

    Thrill Blues Festival is one of many events that will fullfill „Summer in Trilj“ and expand offer of the city of Trilj and Split-Dalmatia County. In top season, 6th od July 2018, Trilj will become the capital of blues music. That day starts Thrill Blues Festival and the bigest names of blues music are packing for Trilj. Besides enjoying good music, all guests who visit...

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