Establishing the first elementary school in Trilj

In 1881, the first public male elementary school was opened in Trilj. The first teacher and the manager was Marin Britvić. Along with the public male elementary school, which was led by teachers who graduated from teaching schools, there were additional schools where parish priests worked : in Bisak, Čačvina, Grab, Košute and since 1872, Vojnić. Public elementary schools, that taught in Croatian, were established, for example, in Ugljani, 1883, in Bisak, 1893, as well as in Vojnić, in 1896.

The end of the 19th century was marked also by a devastating earthquake. It inflicted great damage to the entire Cetinska Krajina, and especially to the region of Trilj, in July of 1898.

The villages that were damaged the most were: Čaporice, Trilj, Gardun, Vojnić, Košute i Turjaci.


  • 23.04.2018.

    Thrill Blues Festival is one of many events that will fullfill „Summer in Trilj“ and expand offer of the city of Trilj and Split-Dalmatia County. In top season, 5th od July 2019, Trilj will...

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