The legend of Žarko Dražojević lives on today, maybe even more vividly than ever. It is the story of a man with unusual skills who, upon his very arrival at the fort, began to feed ravens that had made their nest at the fort's crown. Later, when trained, they would follow him around in his every venture, and they would circle and scream to alert him of a stranger's presence. Žarko came back from battles unscarred, and he would celebrate his victory by eating raw meat that he shared with the black birds.

Calls for help from the people of Sinj went out and eventually found him in Klis. Žarko then jumped on his sorrell horse and rode through Dugopolje, and then he climbed Little Mosor. He loudly called and waited. Alas, instead of birds, he was surrounded by a group of janissaries. Deadly wounded, he realised that a traitor stopped the ravens. In his dying moments he cursed the Nutjak crew. Twenty years went by, and the curse struck both the guilty and the innocent equally. The same ones that killed Žarko killed those who were found on the spot, and they destroyed Nutjak as well.

Centuries have passed, but still today, on the day of Žarko's death on 15th of January, two ravens from Mosor fly around Nutjak and they salute their master with their croaking sounds.


  • 23.04.2018.

    Thrill Blues Festival is one of many events that will fullfill „Summer in Trilj“ and expand offer of the city of Trilj and Split-Dalmatia County. In top season, 5th od July 2019, Trilj will...

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