Crkva sv. Roko - Strizirep

According to Archbishop Pacifico Bizza’s report, St. Roch Parish Church was built in 1755. The archbishop wrote in his 1752 second visitation report that the St. Roch Church in Strizirep lacked an altar painting and was covered in bulrush, although the material for the construction of a new church had already been collected. This new church was built of cut stones in 1755 and housed three altars. Church restoration took place in 1941, as mentioned on an engraved stone plaque placed above the main door. The sanctuary was restored as well, with the old altar being positioned against the apse wall, and a plaster statue of St. Roch, the work of Nikola Samardzija, placed in a wooden niche.

A silver chalice from the 18th or the 19th century is also worth mentioning. Dated to the same period is a brass processional cross, the work of local craftmen, with the figures of the Four Evangelists (one figure is missing) and the image of Our Lady on the back.


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