156 BC - 9 AD

Delmats and Romans

At the eastern Adriatic coast, it was Delmats who resisted the Romans for the longest period (156 BC - 9 AD). The Roman province of Dalmatia received its name due to the Illyrian Delmats.

The Period of the Roman-Delmata battles ended in a Roman triumph after the suppression of Panonian-Delmata, so-called Baton’s Uprising (6-9).

Romans had their military camp Tilurium at Gardun, above today’s Trilj, in the most important part of Delmata region, and their 7th legion encamped there, which, because of its loyalty to the emperor, gained the name Claudia pia fidelis (faithful and loyal to Claudius).

A memorial plate from 184 AD (found in 1849) testifies to the reparation and the importance of the Roman bridge on Cetina near Trilj, and the engraving says: “Emperor Caesar Marcus Aurelius Commodus Antoninus...the bridge at Cetina river (pontem Hippi fluminis), ruined due to old age, will be repaired at the expense and with the hard work of the people of Nova (Runovići), Delminija (Tomislavgrad region), and Ridit (Danilo near Šibenik).

As in other parts of the Empire, Romans brought their economical and cultural heritage to the Trilj region as well, and they built the traffic route system from Salona to the Dalmatian region’s inland.

Proof of the antique name of the Cetina River (Hippus), along with the mentioned engraving about the bridge reparation, is also the existence of the votive altar from the 3rd century (found in 1939 at the Cetina riverbed near Trilj), with the inscription “To Jupiter, the best and the greatest, and the divinity of Hipus river (… et N/umini/ H/ippi/ Fl/uvii)… set by Gnaeus Tullius Faventinus, consular beneficiary of the 1st legion of the Helper...”.

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