1513 - 1715

Period of the Ottoman rule

Čačvina, Nutjak, Trilj and Sinj fell into the hands of Ottomans in 1513, and there were troubles and turmoil in Cetina continuously until 1536 and the arrival of Gazi Husref Beg (Bey), who conquered Klis the following year.

The Trilj region was, during the Ottoman rule, a part of “Sinj and Cetina” nahiya, with the administrative seat in Sinj.

On the list of churches from the end of the 17th century, among others in Cetina, are : Church of St. Michael (Mihael) in Bisak, St. Anthony (Antun) in Ugljani, St. Peter’s (Petar) at Gardun, St. John (Ivan) in Grab, St. Michael’s (Mihael) in Trilj and St. George (Juraj) in Čačvina.


  • 23.04.2018.

    Thrill Blues Festival is one of many events that will fullfill „Summer in Trilj“ and expand offer of the city of Trilj and Split-Dalmatia County. In top season, 5th od July 2019, Trilj will...

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