1715 - 1797

Period of the Venetian rule

Within the structure of Venetian government in Dalmatia, led by the general providur seated in Zadar, Trilj belonged to the territory of Sinj ((Territorio di Sign) led by the providur, the military and the political governor. At that time, the Krajina administrative, military and landscaping structure was introduced, therefore since that time the name Cetinska Krajina has been used.

The population of Cetinska krajina was organised into two serdarias (counties).

Everything up to Cetina was under the rule of serdar Vučković, as well as some villages across the river, including Rože and Voštane. Grabovac serdaria ruled the greatest part of theTrilj region. The serdaria was organised into 7 banderias (military units). Leaders of banderias were harambašas or the village captains, and, along with them (the village leaders), the magistrates had authority in the village - they were elected to a one-year term, as well as the čauš, who declared proclamations and orders.

Region of Trilj with the Church of St. Michael, was part of banderia Odrljin from the village of Košut, and also mentioned was banderia Šipić.


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