1941 - 1945

World War II

To identify the war in the Trilj region, we can use battles that took place from the middle of June, 1943., between partisans of Cetina unit and the Italian army. Troops entered Trilj on July 7th, 1943 without a battle. That is, the Italian army and the combined military forces of the ustašas and domobrans withdrew from Trilj, due to reasons still unknown. Locals mined the concrete bridge on Cetina immediately, as well as four bunkers, which were securing the access to the village and the bridge. In the following days, there were counter strikes from the Italian and ustaša-domobran army, and the resistance positions were attacked with artillery and airplanes. Trilj was under Italian rule as early as July 11th 1943, and the defenders withdrew towards Jabuka.

After the Italian surrender on September 8th 1943, battles became more frequent. Cetinska Krajina was then occupied by the Germans, and on October 25th 1944 the allies took it over.

The worst crime in Cetinska Krajina during the WWII was done by German forces on March 28th and 29th in villages beneath the Kamešnica Mountain.


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