Well at Vrpolje

Well at Vrpolje

Preserved cultural heritage

There are 16 ponds, wells and cisterns in total in the Vrpolje region, all of which are the monuments of a cultural heritage of traditional architecture, and, in the past they were used to supply water to the locals and their cattle. Apart from being used as a water supply throughout the entire year, they are symbols of a higher cultural significance, a milieu for public gatherings, chattering, gosipping, flirting and love-making, exchanging good and bad news.

At the location of Vrpolje, at the hill called Jelinak, there are three such typified water reservoirs. One of them is Lokva, which is also protected as a cultural heritage, and it is located in the proximity of the Church of Jesus' Holy Heart. Beside it, there is also a well and a cistern at the Jelinak hill.


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