10th - 15th century

Developing and late Middle Ages

The Croatian version of the name (Tril) for modern Trilj is mentioned for the first time in a grant from King Andrija II from 1210 in which he gives to the Split Duke Domald and his heirs the land by the name of Cetina and Trilj, along with all arable lands (… terram quandam nomine Zenitinamet Tril cum teris cultis …), during the rule of the Arpadović Dynasty (1102 - 1301).


  • 23.04.2018.

    Thrill Blues Festival is one of many events that will fullfill „Summer in Trilj“ and expand offer of the city of Trilj and Split-Dalmatia County. In top season, 5th od July 2019, Trilj will...

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